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   Vaginal speculums
   Medical cotton swab
   Iodophor cotton-tipped
   Iodophor cotton boll
   Alcohol cotton boll
   Infusion paste
   PE sets of fingers
   Disposable Cervical Sam
   Disposable Nasoscope
   Disposable Gynecologica
   Disposable anoscope
   Medication cup
   Dressing tray
   Urine cup
   Disposable Tongue Depre
   Plastic tableware
   Gynecological pad
   Plastic spittoon
   A plastic basin
cervical brush 1
Plastic spittoon
Iodophor cotton boll
Disposable Gynecological set 1
Disposable Gynecological set 2
Disposable Gynecological set 3
cervical brush 3
cervical brush 2
cervical spatula 2
Gynecological pad
cervical cell sampling spoon
Gynecological pad
Alcohol cotton boll
Disposable Tongue Depre 1
Disposable Tongue Depre 2
Gynecological pad
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